What is going to happen?

I am having a couple of young adults living with me until they get back on their feet. They are close friends of my son. They are a sister and brother and she having a young six-year-old son. Their story is a tragic one. Making a very long story short I will share with you just the basics of their life. When she was seven years old, she was left alone with her infant brother for a week as their alcoholic mother disappeared being hooked on crack. Where was the father? To the best of my understanding, he was unreliable and not around much. Ever since then she sees herself as the unofficial caregiver and guardian of her brother and they have been on their own. She did a good job with her brother considering she did not have much of a role model. She did have her grandmother to her guide her along the way but even her grandmother had her own family issues to deal with. The brother did graduate from high school successfully and did stay clean from the law as well and they both stayed away from any substance abuse. I will not go into how she has found herself temporarily homeless because that is not the point I am attempting to make here. Her son is as cute as a button but he lacks the security of routine and structure in his life however, he is not lacking of any love. From not being exposed to any level of positive parenting, she is blindly doing her best to provide the best possible environment for her son. However, since she not had been given any personal experience to fall back on, everything seems to be on trial and error. Of course all mothers do this naturally as they themselves grow with their child but sadly since there has been not been any positive reinforcement from parents her parenting skills are lacking however she has the best intentions for their small family unit.  What is the point I am trying to make? This is only only an example of thousands, maybe millions (I really do not know the statistics), of young adults that are rearing children without proper guidance in their lives. What is society to do? I am not suggesting that society, a.k.a. government at any level should step-in but we as individuals must try helping the best we can. Help the best we can, where we can, to help these young adults to better themselves and their families. If the overused phrase of “paying it forward” works to inspire us to help others, so be it. Because without inspiration what will our society be in about 20, 30, or 40 years? How will these young adults be able to manage themselves or manage our government? How are we, my generation of baby boomers going to be able to care for of ourselves or be dependent on the young adults?


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