Have you made plans for your social media and email accounts?

I read a posting today that inspired the question of what to do about my social media and email accounts.  I remember after my mother’s funeral trying to figure out what to do let alone care about all of my mother internet accounts were not my priority at the time.  Yet, from time to time, I still see her name pop up on a genealogy forum and I laugh.  There is not much I can do about it at this point, I do not see it doing any harm, I may be wrong.  I know that eventually all her accounts will be archived on someone’s mainframe and servers or just float in the “clouds” or in cyberspace.

As for my own accounts I guess I will add it to my “to do” list and add those wishes with directions to be included with my will.  I am sure that my children will just love me for it.  At least I already keep an excel file of all my accounts and passwords, that will help.  Nevertheless, what is a person to do with all the electric/digital files?  Back in the day, it was what to do with all the paper and believe me my mother left a forest of genealogy.  Will the kids, future grand kids, or any future generation care about the work that my mother and I did to preserve the family history or will it be deleted as my computer is reformatted.  I can only hope and pray that all these records will be saved to the most current storage device and not lost.


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