Cremation Boulders

In one of my newsletters, this morning it was mentioned “cremation boulders.” I did a search and apparently, it is becoming very popular. Incasing your ashes in stone is certainly different.  I have never considered having my ashes sealed inside of a rock.  I wonder what would happen to the rock.  Would be then sacred and revered or would it be tossed into the depths of the deep blue sea.  Would it be eventually through the course of time, eons from the present, would make its way into a grand mountain range or accidently crushed in a quarry creating foundations of a damn or a building reaching high into the sky.  From dust we are created and dust we will return but is that what the Creator wanted us to do with the remains of dears ones?  I am still undecided but for the time being, I believe the traditional method is fine for now.


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