First Entry

Molly’s Magazine will be a blog that will have a variety of different topics.  Just as the name implies, a magazine that will have stories, essays, pictures, opinions on subjects like genealogy, cleaning the house, gardening, kids, or whatever projects I may be working on at the time.  I am hoping that writing these ideas of these projects and thoughts and opinions will be something that may be of interest to others.  I have had many people comment to me that I should start writing a blog and expand on the different posts that I share on another social media site.  It seems that I have an interesting perspective on different subjects, whether it be politics, the military, or church related items.  I do hope that people will subscribe to my blog.  Therefore, today I begin with this first entry and I will start writing short postings of my activities. I hope not to bore anybody but my postings will be lighthearted and easy to read and I will try to keep it short and to the point.  I do encourage comments and I hope that we can share our thoughts together.


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